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About Our Cranston Towing Company in Rhode Island

Cars can break down at any time and anywhere. In any such situation, just call Cranston Towing, RI, and get your car fixed in no time. We are the best tow-truck service providers in the Cranston area and provide different types of roadside emergency services as well.

If your car has a flat tire and requires a change, we can get it for you. If your keys are lost or you locked your keys inside by mistake, we can arrange a locksmith for you. We can jumpstart your battery if it is down and assist you by getting fuel if your tank is empty. For any issues that cannot be fixed in a short time, we provide towing services to get your car to the nearest workshop or your desired destination.

Our motto is “Pay what you use” which means that you have to pay only for the services that you use. If your car is simply requiring fuel, we will provide it to you rather than tow you to the nearest gas station. This will save you time as well as money.

Why Choose Us for Roadside Assistance Services?

Cranston Towing has been in business for quite many years, and we have dealt with different types of minor and major issues. Our customers have chosen us again and again because of the following reasons:

  • Our team comprises of trained professionals that can fix minor and a few major issues of the car right on-spot
  • All our tow trucks have the latest technology installed such as GPS, high powered battery, big engine to tow the bigger cars, etc.
  • Our customer service is fast and efficient. Most of the times, it takes us less than 20 minutes to reach your destination after you request our service on call.
  • We can fix different types of issues in a car such as electrical, mechanical, and technical. If we cannot fix your car, we can tow it to the nearest workshop.
  • We don’t overcharge, and you have to pay only for the service you used.
  • Our tow trucks are heavy and are capable of towing bikes, cars, boats, and even heavy-traffic vehicles.

Rely on the Cranston Towing, RI Technicians to Get You Back on the Road

You should rely on us because we are experienced and we have the fastest response time in Cranston. We are available 24/7, and we don’t take a holiday even in the holidays.

Call us on the number provided to get your car fixed.


  • “When my car left me stranded on the side of the road I had no idea where to turn. I wasn’t from the area and knew no one, so what did I do? I turned to Google like everyone else. After searching “Tow Truck Near Me” Cranston Towing was at the top, and i’m glad they were”.

    Caitlin Baxter, Customer

  • “All I know was I need help and I needed it fast. I was so surprised as to how professional Cranston Towing was from the start. From the person answering the phone to the driver, they both exceeded my expectations and changed my opinion of tow truck drivers themselves.”

    Michael Warren, Customer

  • “The time it took from the phone call until my car was in the air was less than 1 hour. I thought I would be out there all day, but little did I know when Cranston Towing says fast, they really mean it.”

    Allan Lyle, Customer

  • “Cranston Towing sets the bar on towing companies. My first impression is one I won’t forget – they not only towed my car back home which is out of state, but they explained everything in great detail which gave me the reassurance I needed considering how much I value my motorcycle.”

    Dax Warren, Customer

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